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Fever measurements decided at the airport and port in the Balearic Islands

The Prime Minister of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, has announced that temperature measurements will be carried out on passengers travelling by air or sea between the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. These health checks at the airport and port are particularly important.

Mallorca Zeitung, 12.05.2020

Tui boss gives hope to Mallorca vacationers: Temperature measurements at the airport

TUI CEO  Friedrich Joussen wants to make travel to the Mediterranean region possible again as soon as possible. Majorca is the pioneer in this respect. Joussen emphasises that wearing mouth and nose protection and measuring the temperature at airports are important aspects that are being implemented.

Quelle: Focus, 10.05.2020

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany: Current example of the use of thermal cameras

The Westfalen-Blatt reports about the successful use of thermal cameras in the company with 6500 employees. The system even sounded the alarm and a precise temperature check was subsequently carried out by the security service. The company spokesman emphasizes: "The system fits perfectly into our processes" and furthermore "nothing is stored, data protection is guaranteed at all times". You can read the entire article here.

Free middle seat on the plane?
Ryanair proposes alternative

According to current media reports, Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary announced that the airline's aircraft will not fly if the middle seats have to remain free. As an alternative, he speaks of the proposal to have mandatory temperature measurements carried out at airports and the wearing of face masks by all passengers and crew members.

Use of fever cameras at Amazon

Thermal imaging cameras are currently being used at online retailer Amazon to detect elevated body temperature of employees in the USA. If the fever cameras indicate elevated temperature, a fever is measured individually on the forehead of the employees concerned. This enables Amazon employees to carry out their daily work. It also ensures the health and safety of each employee.

amazon fever sceening
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