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Fever screening cameras

Fever screening with thermal technology

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Body temperature measurement technology

Thermal cameras for fever detection

from Corona over SARS down to Ebola

In the fight against the Corona virus and COVID-19, it becomes clear that the virus, which had been initially referred to by politicians as an easily manageable infection, is now spreading quickly and becoming a global thread. The most common symptom of COVID-19 and other infections is fever, i.e. raised temperature. Particularly in locations with a constant flow of people like at air ports, large events, in the food sector, shopping centres, hospitals and borders, fever screening cameras enable checking for raised temperatures in flows of people while also checking everyone individually. Because infections can quickly spread over borders.

We offer successfully tested technologies for automated and early fever screening at frequented sites. Our fever screening cameras enable checking of entire flows of people with maximum precision and in a very short time.

How does the fever screening camera work?

Test situations

Thermal cameras for fever detection



By the means of thermography, individuals and large flows of people can be scanned. The body temperature ist measured in the inner corner of the eye. Raised temperatures are indicated by an alarm.

This enables quick recognition of potentially infected.



contactless fever screening
high accuracy
mobile set-up
high savings in time
screening of flows of people
long-term prevention
low rate of errors 
less manpower required

cost reduction

compliant to GDPR


Fields of application

airport and train station
shopping centre
large events and concerts
football stadium

meat processing plants

food sector

government buildings


hospitals and nursing homes

public areas


Fever detection by thermography

Our mobile system for body temperature measurement

System for body temperature measurement

The system

All-round solution for thermal body temperature screening

This technology enables quick and reliable identification of people with raised body temperatures for separation and thorough checking in an inspection environment.

Our service package: Installation, pre-configuration and remote maintenance

Mobile Anlage Messung Korpertemperatur
Technology for temperature measurement
Zubehor Anlage Messung Korpertemperatur
Monitor Videorekorder AI Rekorder Warmebildkamera
Service-Paket Fieber-Kamera


Thermal imaging camera / thermographic camera

BPortable dual thermal imaging camera

Bullet thermal-hybrid-Mini-camera


Thermal Tablet



Calibration unit for precise temperature screening of people and animals



Tripod for camera


Camera bracket including connectors and cable connection for all devices


Display + AI recorder

for assessment and analysis via AI

AI = Artificial intelligence

Overall system

How does the fever screening technology work?

The system is installed in entrance areas and people are screened automatically. The temperature is measured with an accuracy of ± 0.3 °C. Each second, up to 3 persons can be screened. The system is highly flexible: Applications at small control points (entrances and exits) as well in large areas (air ports, train stations, etc.).



Installation and remote maintenance

Make use of our professional and competent service! We have the perfect solution for you: Our service package includes complete installation as wenn as pre-configuration and remote maintenance of the system.

Body temperature measurement technology
fever screening cameras
System for body temperature measurement
Advantages of our fever screening camera technology

✓ Contactless fever screening

Social distancing: In comparison to conventional measurement of the body temperature with thermometers in the air or at the forehead, the risk of cross-infection is reduced by measurement with fever screening cameras. Body temperature measurement is realized contactless at a distance and without human interaction.

✓ High accuracy

Our fever screening cameras enable body temperature measurement at maximum precision. The temperature is measured with an accuracy of ± 0.3 °C.

✓ Mobile set-up, flexibility and high savings in time

Thanks to various options for combination of cameras, tripods and display units, our systems can be quickly installed in any location.

✓ Screening of flows of people

Up to three people are scanned by our fever screening cameras each second. In 30 minutes, the body temperature of up to 5000 people can be measured. Our high-performance technology is suitable for small control points as well as large areas with a high flow of people. Collection of data complies with General Data Protection Regulations. People returning from crisis regions as well as seasonal workers arriving by plane can also be directly screened for fever or raised temperatures.

✓ Long-term prevention

Leading virologists are warning of new waves of infections in autumn (e.g. Corona wave). By daily measurement of body temperatures within fixed circles of people by means of fever screening cameras, potential infections can be identified more quickly. This way, information on the increase or decline of infection rates can be obtained for initiation of additional measures.

✓ Low rate of errors

We exclusively use modern AI technology (artificial intelligence). This way, incorrect measurements can be reduced to a minimum.

✓ Less manpower required

As manual measurement of the body temperature is no longer required, less control personnel is required.

✓ Cost reduction

Purchase of several handheld units for individual measurements is no longer required as our system enables screening of individuals as well as flows of people with just one camera.

✓ Compliant to GDPR

The data collection complies with the data protection guidelines. Appropriate signs must be clearly visible. In addition, the purpose limitation exists (processing only for specified, clear and legitimate purposes). The display is also possible completely without video image (neither in the display nor in the storage). The camera evaluates accordingly the temperatures and/or the wearing of protective clothing.

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